Mike Bevilacqua started training in Traditional shotokan Karate fourty one years ago [1967] under the late Gary Friederich former chief instructor of the Nevada Karate Association. Mr. Friederich himself had spent eight years in Japan at the headquarters of the Japan Karate Association and the Kotokan Judo institute of Japan, during which time he received his Japan Karate Association traditional shotokan Karate rankings. Mr.Bevilacqua received instruction from the Nevada Karate Association in 1970 til the summer of 1991 at which time he opened his own school, namely 'Mike Bevilacqa's shotokan Traditional Karate School' [no longer open.]

Mr. Bevilacqua has received all his ranking from Mr.hidetaka Nishiyama who is the founder and chairman of the International Traditional Karate Federation which is recognizedas the sole governing body of Traditional Karate in the United States by the inernational Olympic Committee. The American Amateur Karate Federation as the natioal traditional Karate governing body in the United States in addition the Japan Karate association is the only Karate Association recognized by the Japanese Government. Also Mr.Bevilacquas' training has been complemented by numerous seminars and training camps conducted by Mr.Nishiyama

From 1968-69 Mr.Bevilacqua was on active duty in Korea, at which time he received his Black Belt ranking in the martial art of Tang So Do. after returning to the Reno area he resumed his training in traditional Shotokan Karate and continues to teach it in it's most Traditional form.