Being a Washoe county native born in Washoe Medical Center In 1966 Pete has lived in Sparks NV his whole life.

In 1977 at the age of 11 he was introduced by his Dad to one Sensei Gary Friederich at the Nevada Karate Assocaition.

At that perticular time the NKA did not have a childrens class and was mainly for adult karateka (or students).

As he can remember it wasn't easy, let's see...100 jumping jacks - 100 push ups - 100 sit ups - 100 squat kicks to warm up!

Then it was basics, basics, basics then kata and more kata. A stubbed toe here, a bloody nose there, sore muscles sore wrists and ankles.

Nice way to treat a kid eh? But, Pete being Pete he some how liked it and kept pushing to get better at karate. He never seemed to be in a hurry to attain his next ranking. Although an important rank, black belt didn't seem that big of deal to pete, his saying was "A belt only holds your gi together, it's what you wear on the inside that counts" He wore his yellow belt for 10 years and then went through the ranks and when he tested for brown belt he wore that for 10 years also. Pete finally took the black belt test in 2003 after, 26 years of training and real world fighting experience. With a calm personality he has a true care for people on the inside, in training Pete is explosively intence and has a passion for hand to hand combat. As long as there is no hard feelings and no one get seriously hurt there isn't a better "game". With an intricate thought process of how things work and when they work or why, Pete makes an exellent teacher in other words, when he shows you a technique, it works. Pete started serious grappling training in 1993 after watching the first Ultimate Fighting Championships. Understanding the importaince of knowing what to do if you have to be on the ground fighting with someone, Pete studies grappling of all forms and has become quite proficient with his ground work. Pete curently holds the rank of Shodan (first degree black belt) in Shotokan karate and the rank of Yondan (fouth degree black belt)in Taiho Jutsu. Pete is also the instructor for Officer Saftey Systems Police Defensive Tactical Training for the states of Nevada, Califormia and Arizona.