Richard G. Dunn

Chairman, USJJF Police Self Defense Instructors (PSDI) Committee

Program Director: United States Taiho Jutsu, United States Ju-Jitsu Federation

United States (USA) Martial Arts Federation

Rick Dunn was born in Burbank California just as WWII ended in 1945. Growing up in southern California and Las Vegas he joined the Navy in 1962. Unknowingly he met sensei Gary Frederichs at a 1965 new years party in Tokyo who eventually would become a major influence in his life.. In 1973 serious karate training began while at the Nevada state prison under sensei John Gaven who was attending law school at the time. John Gaven was one of sensei Gary Frederichs first black belts after he formed the Nevada karate association in 1966. In 1978 he began training directly under sensei Frederichs. It would be 10 years of hard training before Mr. Dunn was given the opportunity to test for shodan in front of Karate Master Hideyaka Nishiyama. This was the policy of sensei Frederichs after returning to the US. Mr. Frederichs trained in Japan for many years, living in the Kodokan, training in Judo and Karate at the Shotokan. He attended the Shotokan's instructor school under master Shuri'. Judo master Hosakawa who taught at the police academy in Tokyo and was in charge of all police training in Japan sponsored sensei Frederichs. During that time of training for shodan, however Mr. Dunn was involved with the PKA and WKA kickboxing circuit which culminated in moving up to light heavy weight to fight the future world heavy weight champion Dennis Alexio. After the match with Alexio Mr. Dunn was fortunate to train with him for most of his fights that where in the Reno Tahoe area. Mr. Dunn opened his dojo in 1989 at Reno Indian colony in conjunction with the Nevada Karate Association.. In 1991 while working in Juvenile corrections Mr. Dunn's department sent him for Defensive Tactics training with the FBI. Even though Mr. Dunn had previous law enforcement training nothing could prepare him for the quality of instruction in that course. After the FBI many law enforcement courses followed and the discovery of a profusion of inapplicable sophisticated martial arts techniques to being taught to the L.E. community. This became Mr. Dunn's primary challenge. When elected as the state coordinator (director) of the Nevada Association of field tactics instructors, there mission statement was to unify and simplify techniques that are taught in the 13 police academies and more than 100 agencies in the state. After retiring Mr. Dunn is the director of OFFICER SAFETY SYSTEM; teaching Security officer, Use of Force communications and Team Arrest procedures to several area casino staff. Mr Dunn continues to teach police defensive tactics instructors for the Nevada Peace Officers Standards and Training commission on an annual basis.

• Japan Karate Association

• American Amateur Karate Association

• Professional Kick boxers Association

• International Traditional Karate Federation

• United States Ju-Jitsu Federation

• United States Martial Arts Federation

• American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers

• Nevada Association of Field Tactics Instructors


• Historical and technical development through kata

• The re-development of kata as a modern self defense tool

• Psycho-motor skill teaching philosophyKyusho Jitsu -Dim Mac

• The simplification of martial technique as applied to law enforcement training


• Western Nevada Community College - A.G.S.-1975

• Western Nevada Community College - A.A. - 1978

• University of Nevada Reno - Educational Psychology 1981

• 02 Master Corps Instructor trainer: Nevada P.O.S.T. Defensive Tactics Instructors School

• 01 Senior Instructor / Examiner US Taiho Jutsu, United States Ju-Jitsu Federation (USJJF)

• 01 Chief instructor: Officer Safety System - Nevada casinos.

• 01 Instructor trainer: Nevada P.O.S.T. Defensive Tactics Instructors School

• 99 Master Corps Instructor trainer: Defensive Tactics Instructors School; Elko (region III) NAFTI

• 99 United States Ju-Jitsu Federation 6th degree black belt US Taiho Jutsu

• 99 Coordinating Instructor trainer. POST- D.T. Instructors School; Las Vegas (region II) NAFTI.

• 99 Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Instructor certification.

• 98 Intermediate Instructor . Nevada POST- D.T. Instructors School; Carson City (region I) NAFTI

• 98 State Coordinator,. Nevada Association of Field Tactics Instructors (NAFTI).

• 97 Nevada law Enforcement Academy: Guest Defensive Tactics instructor.

• 97 ASP (armament systems procedures) Expandable Baton Instructor.

• 97 National Judicial College, G.J. sentencing panel "criminal profiles". (12th participation in 20 years).

• 97 Western Nevada Community College, Defensive Tactics Instructor.

• 97 Nevada POST (DT committee) changed to Field Tactics Advisory Board in 98.

• 96 International Traditional Karate Federation 4th degree black belt (from master Nishiyama)

• 95 Nevada law Enforcement Academy, periodic Guest Defensive Tactics instructor.

• 95 Defensive Tactics Institute, DT Instructor certification.

• 95 Nevada Law Enforcement Academy: Guest Weapons Ret./Def. Instructor.

• 94 Peace Officer Standards Training (P.O.S.T.) Nevada: Instructor Development Course.

• 94 Reno Nevada Police Department: Defensive Tactics Course.

• 94 Peace Officer Standards Training: Defensive Tactics Instructors Course.

• 93 Peace Officer Standards Training: Front Line Supervisors Course.

• 93 Nevada Parole & Probation: Aerosol Weapons Instructors course.

• 93 POST: Critical Issues in Law Enforcement course.

• 92 International Traditional Karate Federation 3rd degree black belt.

• 91 Federal Bureau of Investigation "F.B.I" (80hrs) Defensive Tactics Instructor Development course

• 91 International Traditional Karate Federation, Coaches Certification.

• 90 Team leader for the Sabaki Challenge ( full contact karate program).

• 88 International Traditional Karate Federation, 2nd degree black belt.

• 87 Defensive Tactics Institute, Tactical Handcuff Instructor Course.

• 85 Nevada Karate Association - Women's Self Defense program director.

• 84 Professional Kick boxing Association, Nevada middle weight champion.

• 83 Japan Karate Association 1st degree black belt (Shotokan).

• 82 American Correctional Association, Management training.

• 78-81 University of Nevada, Educational Psychology major.

• 78 National Judicial College,{new name} General Jurisdiction section II Panelist.

• 78-99 Washoe County Probation Department (juvenile detention facility). Leading DT Instructor 91-99.

• 78 Western Nevada Community College, Associate Arts.

• 76-78 Western Nevada Community College, Navigation - maritime sciences Instructor

• 76 National College State Judiciary, CONSULTANT; Criminal Law session.

• 75 Western Nevada Community College, Associate General Studies.

• 70-78 Nevada State Prison System, Carson City, defensive tactics trainee.

• 62-69 United States Navy, (RD2) / Operations Specialist (Viet Nam 64-66/67-69).

Sensei Dunn can be contacted at the following:

Shoto Karate Jitsu

P.O. Box 18119

Reno, NV 89511

PH: 775.750.5678